Consumer culture is often cited as evil, but what if it was used for good? To empower, educate and sustain?

Will Baxter has dedicated the last 11 months to working on a business that channels the power of consumption into solving social problems while investing 50% of profits back into the communities he works with. That business is I AM, and it starts in Guatemala, empowering Maya mothers through their traditional artisan work. His launch project went live on Kickstarter 5 weeks ago with an ambitious target of $45k, which is needed to fund the infrastructure required to make his idea a reality.

Inspired throughout his journey by the determination and strength of actor, Will Smith, Will Baxter has decided to show his own strength and commitment to the women he promised to help and stepped onto a treadmill at 10am Thurs 17th November, vowing not to get off until his campaign was funded. Period.